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  Skies Aviation Academy is the first Approved Training Organisation under EASA regulations in Greece (EL ATO-122), which offers all the EASA approved courses and can guide any individual from zero experience to Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Our vision is to become the leader of the aviation industry in Europe by ensuring maximum quality training for future Airline Pilots. Our mission is to provide a climate that facilitates the highest standards of academic achievement and knowledge discovery, for we do believe that a vibrant future of aviation rests in the success of our ...



no image ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE learn more no image Congratulations to Chrisareti Tychala CONGRATULATIONS to Chrisareti Tychala for passing the Ryanair pilot entrance and starting the 737 Type Rating in November. Chris was formerly head of ... learn more no image Scholarships Skies Aviation Academy is excited to celebrate our 10 years anniversary with you! If you are considering a career as a professional pilot, talk w... learn more no image All inclusive EASA ATPL Skies Aviation Academy is excited to announce that registrations for our ATPL all-inclusive Integrated Course are open, with a special package for new... learn more no image Open Day - Oman! Dear all, we will be happy to meet you in Oman these days. Please see information in the flyer below.        ... learn more no image News about Hellenic CAA theory exams Skies Aviation academy located in Peraia, Thessaloniki, Greece is extremely proud to announce that as of November 2021. All Hellenic CAA theory exams... learn more no image Congratulations Mr. Ahmed Al Naabi What an amazing day for solo completion. We are so proud to congratulate our student Mr. Ahmed Al Naabi on his First Solo completion. On behalf o... learn more no image Congratulation Mr. Omar AL Farsi What a wonderful day and another solo completion solo completion. We are so proud to congratulate our student Mr. Omar Al Farsi on his First... learn more no image Congratulations Mr. Usama Al Mahrizi Our sincere congratulations to Mr. Usama Al Mahrizi on his successful completion of Integrated ATPL course and Skill Test pass. Usama, on behalf of al... learn more