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ATPL Theory Course Overview


ATPL Theory covers all 14 ATPL subjects and is offered as a​ full time course at our academy or as a distance learning DL. Your choice of either attending Skies Aviation Academy for 20 weeks on a​ full time basis, or to study in the comfort of your own home under our professional guidance. Whether you choose to attend our in-house course or study with us through Distance Learning to complete your ATPL theoretical training, you can be rest assured that you will be offered the most professional training by the most experienced instructors.


This course can be completed with in 2 stages. Each stage covers 325 theory hours within 10 weeks end 7 subjects. After successful completion of each stage the candidate can be released for Theory exams at HCAA.


Entry requirements:


  • Hold at least a PPL


Course Structure


Option 1:


ATPL Theory full-time course comprises of 650 hours of theory (32.5 per week).

ATPL Theory covers all 14 ATPL subjects with our instructors. The subjects are distributed in 2 modules of 325 hours each. After completion of the ATPL theory, candidates must pass HCAA EASA exams.


Duration: 8 months


​Option 2:


ATPL Theory distance learning course (DL) - 650 hours

If you prefer a more flexible approach to learning than a full-time course, then a Distance Learning option might be the sensible route for you. Skies Aviation Academy's approved Distance Learning course is supported both through the Internet support site (OT) SOG and the Skies Aviation Academy ATPL manuals.


This approach is less expensive and can be completed over an extended time frame if required for candidates with other commitments. The course is completed in two phases.


Course covers:

Ground Training

  • 585 Hours Home Study & Tests
  • 65 Hours Classroom Revision (2 Weeks Full-Time)

For every week study the authority recognises about 15 hours.


Duration: 9 Months



Shorter courses are available for experienced professional pilots.

Quoted study times for Distance Learning represent average times only. Actual times may vary considerably depending upon individual experience and abilities.


Course includes:


  • Exam fees at HCAA (first attempt only)
  • Two-weeks of  Revision classes
  • Uniform​​
  • All Taxes