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ICAO CPL/ME/IR Conversion Course Overview


ICAO CPL/ME/IR Conversion Course is designed to convert any ICAO professional licence and ratings to EASA professional licence.


Pre-Entry requirements:


  • Minimum age of 18 years old​
  • Holder of a valid ICAO CPL ME/IR Licence
  • EASA ATPL Theory exams pass
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP)*
  • Able to pass class 1 aviation medical Exam** 

          *Aviation English Language Proficiency is arranged by Skies Aviation Academy during your study period       

          **Aviation Medical Examination is one day process and can be taken at our base with EASA Aviation medical doctor

Course Structure


Flying Phase:


6 Hours CPL/ME conversion training on DA42.​

15 Hours IR/ME training which is 10 hours SIM ALSIM ALX training and 5 hours ME training on DA42.​

2.5 hours Skill test for CPL/ME/IR  with the Examiner


Duration: Approximately 2 to 3 weeks


Course includes:


  • Skill Test  
  • Uniform​
  • All taxes