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Crew Resources Management (CRM) Recurrent Course


Location: Skies Aviation Academy/ Thessaloniki

Duration: 1 Day/ 8 hours

Schedule: 10am – 6pm (or as required)


Topics and Objectives:


Revision of CRM course as below:

  • Meet the regulatory requirements by EASA OPS and ICAO
  • Human Performance
  • Stress Management
  • Explain the basic principles of CRM - TEM and their applications
  • Improve understanding of the essential features of leadership
  • Recognize, manage and mitigate threats to avoid undesirable aircraft states
  • Understand the importance of Approach and Departure briefings
  • Increase awareness of the importance of resource management and effective workload management
  • Meet requirements of Operator’s Manual (Part D)


The right course for:


  • All aviation professionals
  • First line employees (pilots/ ATC/ handlers)




  • Completed CRM Initial
  • Experience in aviation would be beneficial