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Night Rating Course Overview


The objective of the night rating course is to qualify Private Pilot Licence (PPL) holders to exercise the privileges of the licence at night under VFR (Visual Flight Rules). Night rating allows you to fly at night as well as being a requirement for commencing your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Course of training. 

Pre Entry Requirements:


  • Applicants must hold a valid PPL / CPL (A) Licence
  • Medical certificate relevant to license

          *Aviation Medical Examination is one day process and can be taken at our base with EASA aviation medical doctor.


Course Structure


Flight Training

5 hours night training including:​

  • 1 hour navigation​
  • 5 take-off and full-stop landings at night as PIC (1 hour)
  • Minimum 3 hours dual training


Duration: 2-3 Nights