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PPL Course Overview


Private Pilot Licence (PPL) can be the first step to the pilot career. The objective of PPL course is to train new pilots to operate single engine airplanes under VFR conditions. Learning how to fly an aircraft is a challenging but rewarding experience, going solo being the initial objective, subsequently leading to a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). After this course completion the student will be able to fly for his/her own pleasure alone, with his/her family, or friends.  


Entry Requirements:


  • Minimum age of 16 years old
  • ​Able to pass class 2 Aviation Medical Exam*
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP) **

          *Aviation Medical Examination is one day process and can be taken at our base with EASA aviation medical doctor 

          **Aviation English Language Proficiency is arranged by Skies Aviation Academy during your study period     



Course Structure


Ground Training

The purpose of ground training is to prepare the students to pass 9 theory exams at HCAA. Theory part covers all 9 PPL subjects. The students may choose either to study 100 hours in-house provided by our qualified theory instructors or in distance learning (DL). 

Duration: 3 weeks​ (in-house)

Flight Training​

45 Hours Minimum Flight Training to include a minimum of:

  • 35 hours dual (5 hours SIM FNPT II)
  • 10 hours solo

PPL Skill test with an Authorized HCAA Examiner

Duration: 9 weeks


Duration: 2-3 months
Course includes:


  • HCAA theory Fees
  • 45 Flying Hours
  • Uniform​​